Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1     How do I join……”easy”


Question 2  What is happening at this moment?

Structural, electrical and interior renovations have now commenced in the Old Courthouse-Stationmasters Cottage. Once these near completion with elertcity and basic amenities installed and made operational , invitations will be sent out for broader help. Fresh eyes, different thoughts and talents welcomed and embraced! If you would like to be involved from the VERY BEGINNING please fill in the attached membership form and you shall be contacted as soon as current cottage construction is completed.

Welcome to MEMBERSHIP INVITATION FORM…please click here


PS: Is there a WordPress enthusiast that would like to WORK IN & ON this web presentation for our community group, as you can see I am challenged with WordPress. It would be great to have you on board, please contact us, I would be ecstatic!!!! 9/7/19