Memorial & New Gardens

hastings Gateway Garden Club Volunteer

A memorial garden will be laid out on this land and will be ‘Special Place’ to commemorate those whose industry has played a special role in the development of the district and whose contributions have to date not been recognised in a dignified way: Indigenous culture, Timber workers, Dairy farmers & Railway workers

This area will also become the northern portal of the War Veterans Memorial  Drive from Wauchope to Wingham via Ellenborough Falls which will honour all Australian service men and women from the Boer War to the present. The organising committee of the Memorial Drive had been  looking around Wauchope for some time for a site for their northern portal  and were delighted to offered one within the railway precinct. This concept has been officially recognised by the State Government and is based on the same principal as the Memorial Drive from Sydney to Canberra.  In this area, we will be planting a pine seedling from the Lone Pine at Gallipoli, to recognise in a small way, the sacrifices made by our troops, a fitting tribute in a period remembering those tragic days 100 years ago.  This drive, which will incorporate another memorial garden at Ellenborough Falls, has the potential to greatly increase tourism along the proposed route.

Structural, electrical and interior renovations have now commenced in the Old Courthouse-Stationmasters Cottage. A GARDEN CLUB INVITATION flyer is now being circulated at relevant outlets and on this web site. We need help in the following areas: garden labour and site design thinkers, plant propagation team, Facebook and Instagram team, garden photographic development team, micro construction team and anyone else to broaden our ‘ can do’!

If you would like to be involved from the VERY BEGINNING in this garden development please fill in the attached membership form and you shall be contacted.









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