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Hastings Gateway Limited is a community owned not-for-profit corporation limited by guarantee. The strength of the organisation is its membership and major partners.
It is managed by a Board of Directors chosen on the basis of their business, professional skills and knowledge of local community needs.

Current Board Members:       (Director & their Portfolio)
Brian Buckett         Buildings
Ian Conley             Timber Industry
Ray Cooper           Membership & Community Liaison
Eva Goor               Grounds & Memorial Garden

Neville Parsons     Corporate Governance & Financial

Peter Murphy        Treasurer  Secretary & Administration


Hastings Gateway Limited
59 Randall Street,
Wauchope NSW 2446

Postal :

Hastings Gateway Limited
P O Box 52,
Wauchope NSW 2446

Telephone: 0477 428 390

Email :

Enquiries:              enquiries@hastingsgateway.com.au

Membership:         membership@hastingsgateway.com.au

Garden Club:        gardenclub@hastingsgateway.com.au

Web Site:              www.hastingsgateway.com.au

Hastings Gateway Limited ABN 16 606 705 622